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I have put my anorak on and started to put together a complete record of Boston United since they were formed in 1934. Hopefully you will eventually be able click on any season in the table below and get the full details.

The difficult bit about all of this is tracking down the information. Ideally what I want to finish up with is something like the Breedon series of "Complete Record" books. These give team sheets, goalscorers and attendances for all games that a club has played, along with biographical details of every player and a history of the club. For a small club like Boston United, this might sound like a tall order, but I think it is just about possible. Boston Library has local newspapers containing match reports and team sheets right back to the club's formation, which should help considerably.

As you can see, some seasons are a lot more complete than others and there are quite a few gaps already, but I should be able to fill most of them the next time I'm back in Boston for a few days. (Or if you can help then drop me an E-Mail: ken@kafox.freeserve.co.uk).

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