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Boston United Reserves - Season 2003/04

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 Date         V C Opponents                  Att. Result      1             2             3             4             5             6             7             8             9            10            11            Sub           Sub           Sub
 Tue 19th Aug A P Notts County                    L  1-2  Croudson      Clarke        Beevers       Thomas        Balmer        Angel         L.Thompson    Higgins       Duffield      Bent          Potter        Logan(1)      Freeman       Mahoney
 Wed 10th Sep A P Lincoln City                    W  2-1  Croudson      Sutch         Clarke        Thomas        S.W'thstn     Potter        L.Thompson    Akinfenwa(1)  Duffield      Logan         S.Brough      Douglas(1)    Rusk          N.Thompson
 Wed 24th Sep H P HARTLEPOOL UNITED           226 L  0-1  Croudson      Leeson        Clarke        Greaves       Balmer        Beevers       White         Baum          Douglas       L.Thompson    Angel         Rusk          Mahoney       Freeman
 Wed  8th Oct A P Darlington                      W  3-1  Croudson      Leeson        Beevers(1)    Freeman       Hogg          Ellender      Duffield      Clarke        White(2)      Akinfenwa     S.Brough      C.Smith       Mahoney       King
 Wed 22nd Oct H P NEWCASTLE UNITED            933 L  2-3  Croudson      Clarke        Hemmerdenger  C.Smith       Murphy        S.Brough      Rusk          Redfearn(2)   Freeman       Hardy         Duffield      Sutch         Mahoney       King
 Wed 19th Nov H C DONCASTER ROVERS            181 L  0-4  Croudson      Sutch         Potter        Clarke        Chapman       Hocking       Liburd        Rusk          Bent          Douglas       Angel         Freeman       King          Williams
 Wed 26th Nov H P SCUNTHORPE UNITED           153 L  1-2  Croudson      Sutch         Chapman       Rusk(1)       Clarke        Hocking       Tajer         Bennett       Duffield      Freeman       Angel         Brooks        King          Williams
 Wed  3rd Dec H C HULL CITY                   212 W  3-1  Croudson      Sutch         Chapman       Rusk          Hocking       Clarke        Bennett       S.W'thstn     Duffield(2)   Douglas(1)    Angel         Freeman       King          Brooks
 Wed 10th Dec A P Grimsby Town                    W  3-1  Croudson      Hogg          Chapman       Ellender(1)   N.Thompson    S.W'thstn     Rusk          Douglas       Duffield      Morrow(1)     S.Brough      Angel         Greaves       King
 Wed  7th Jan A P York City                       W  1-0  Croudson      Clarke        Hogg          Balmer        Potter        Rusk          L.Thompson    S.W'thstn(1)  Douglas       Angel         Hocking       Redfearn      Duffield      Beevers
 Wed 14th Jan A P Hartlepool United               L  1-3  Croudson      Clarke        Chapman       C.Smith       Hocking       Hogg          S.W'thstn     L.Thompson    Duffield(1)   Douglas       Heinemann     Redfearn      Boyd          Freeman
 Wed 21st Jan H C SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY         501 L  1-2  Croudson      Hogg          Chapman       Clarke        Hocking       Heinemann     L.Thompson    S.W'thstn     Douglas       Dada          Duffield(1)   Freeman       Angel         Clk.Smith
 Wed 11th Feb H P YORK CITY                   234 W  4-1  Croudson      Clarke        Chick(1)      L.Thompson    Balmer        Crane         Clk.Smith     M.Brough      Duffield(1)   Douglas(1)    Angel(1)      Kita          Suames        Freeman
 Wed 25th Feb H P DARLINGTON                  223 W  4-3  Croudson      Clarke        Caulkin       Rodwell       Clk.Smith     M.Brough      Brackstone    Glarvie       Cudworth      Douglas(2)    Angel(2)      Hurst         Raynor        Williams
 Wed 10th Mar A P Scunthorpe United               W  3-0  Croudson      Clarke(1)     Hogg          Glarvie       Strong        Chick         Brackstone    Hawley        Douglas       Surey(2)      Angel         Hocking       Kita          Freeman
 Thu  1st Apr A P Newcastle United                L  0-3  Croudson      Glarvie       Chick         Clarke        Hocking       Melton        Wood          Hurst         Hawley        Dowlett       L.Thompson    Freeman       Raynor        Angel
 Wed  7th Apr H P NOTTS COUNTY                212 L  1-5  Croudson      Clarke        Chick         Hocking       Balmer        Holland       Hawley        Jones(1)      Hurst         Raynor        Angel         Freeman       Glarvie       Kita
 Wed 14th Apr A P Doncaster Rovers                L  0-1  Croudson      Greaves       Angel         Hocking       Clarke        L.Thompson    Glarvie       Wood          Cropper       Hesselton     Hurst         Norris        Sawyer        Raynor
 Wed 21st Apr H P DONCASTER ROVERS            163 L  0-2  Croudson      Small         Chapman       Clarke        Hocking       Rusk          Wood          Raynor        L.Thompson    McDonald      Angel         Norris        Freeman       Glarvie
 Wed 28th Apr H P LINCOLN CITY                262 W  7-2  Croudson      Glarvie       Clarke        Hocking(1)    Balmer        L.Thompson    Hall(1)       Rusk          Hawley(1)     McDonald(3)   Angel         Gould         Freeman       Raynor
 Wed  5th May H P GRIMSBY TOWN                255 L  1-2  Croudson      Cropper(1)    Probetts      Hocking       Balmer        Muirhead      Mattis        Surey         Richards      Hall          McDonald      Douglas       Clarke        Angel

All Boston's home games kick off at 7.00pm. Admission prices are £2.00 for adults and £1.00 for concessions. Hartlepool United usually play their home reserves' games at Billingham Town FC, but they have switched the venue for their game against Boston United on 14th January to their own Victoria Park ground, Lincoln City play their home games at Lincoln United's Ashby Avenue ground and Newcastle United play their home matches at Whitley Park - the headquarters of the Northumberland Football Association.

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V - Venue
  • H - Home
  • A - Away
C - Competition
  • P - Pontins Holidays League Division One East
  • C - Pontins Holidays League Cup
  • U - Friendly
The United goalscorers are initially put after the result until I get the team sheet. Then the number of goals scored are put in ( ) next to the goalscorer's name.