The next letter

Problems where you have to complete or fill in a gap in a sequence of letters or numbers are a staple of puzzle pages and IQ tests. Here are a few to get your brain cells working. Some of them are even relevant to football!

The puzzles

What is the next letter in the following sequences.

  1. W I T N L I T F ? (Clue - look up!)
  2. K C M S F ?
  3. A B D O P ? (Clue - this one's not about football)
  4. M H C K R ?
  5. M M B M M A M M M ?

The solutions

  1. S itís the first letter of each word in the question
  2. E the last six Boston United managers (Kerr, Cusak, Morris, Sterland, Fee and Evans)
  3. Q letters of the alphabet that have an inside
  4. B the last six teams to win the Conference (Macclesfield, Halifax, Cheltenham, Kidderminster, Rushden & Diamonds, Boston Utd)
  5. A the Premiership champions (Manchester United, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester United, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester United, Manchester United, Arsenal)

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