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Boston United Reserves - Season 1997/8

 Date         V C Opponents                  Result      1              2               3              4              5              6              7              8              9             10             11              Sub             Sub            Sub
 Sat 23rd Aug H L BOTTESFORD TOWN            D  1-1  N.Maddison     Skipper         Newbold        Tavinder       Kent         Melson           R.Charles      Vaughan        Bailey(1)      Featherstone    Price
 Sat 30th Aug A L Lincoln United Reserves    L  1-2  Drury          R.Charles       Newbold        G.Maddison     Kent         Melson           Vaughan        Timby          Bailey         Featherstone(1) Price
 Wed 10th Sep H L SLEAFORD TOWN              W  4-0  Drury          R.Charles       Timby(1)       Price          Kent         Mitchell         Lovelace       Watts          Bailey(1)      Melson          Vaughan(1)      Cook(1)
 Sat 13th Sep H L HORNCASTLE TOWN            W  3-1  Drury          R.Charles       Newbold        Tavinder (1)   Kent         Melson           Vaughan(1)     Nicholls       Bailey         Featherstone(1) Price
 Sat 20th Sep A L Hykeham Town               W  3-1  Drury          R.Charles(1)    Mitchell       Kent           Tavinder     Price            Bailey         Timby(1)       Melson(1)      Buckley         Vaughan
 Sat 27th Sep H C LINCOLN MOORLANDS          L  2-4  Drury          R.Charles       G.Maddison     Kent           Tavinder     Price            R.Charles      Timby          Melson         Bailey(1)       Vaughan         Featherstone(1) Newbold         Taylor
 Sat 11th Oct A L Wyberton                   L  1-5  Drury          Timby           Price          Tavinder       Mitchell(1)  Kent             Nicholls       Melson         Bailey         Featherstone    R.Charles
 Wed 15th Oct H L BRSA RETFORD               W  9-2  Watts(3), Mason(2), Mitchell, Melson, Bailey, o.g.
 Sat 18th Oct A L Epworth                    L  3-4  Wright         G.Maddison      Kent           Tavinder       Newbold      Melson           R.Charles      Price          Vaughan(1)     Bailey(1)       Featherstone(1) Seager
 Wed 22nd Oct H L SKEGNESS TOWN              W  5-3  Drury          Lehar           Price          G.Maddison     Tavinder     Kent             R.Charles(1)   Melson(2)      Cook(2)        Featherstone    Vaughan         Bailey          Newbold
 Sat 25th Oct H L EPWORTH                    W  3-1  N.Maddison     Lemarch         G.Maddison     Kent           Tavinder     R.Charles        S.Chambers     Price          Vaughan        Bailey(1)       Featherstone(2)
 Sat  1st Nov A L Skegness Town              L  3-4  N.Maddison     Tavinder        Kent           G.Maddison     Lehar        Price            R.Charles(1)   S.Chambers     Melson         Bailey          Featherstone(2) Vaughan
 Sat  8th Nov A L Horncastle Town            W  3-2  N.Maddison     Lehar           G.Maddison     Kent           Price        R.Charles        Tavinder       Melson         Vaughan        Bailey(1)       Featherstone(2) Nicholls        Newbold
 Thu 13th Nov H L HYKEHAM TOWN               W  6-0  N.Maddison     Price(1)        G.Maddison     Kent           Tavinder     Newbold          R.Charles      Melson         Bailey         Vaughan(2)      Featherstone(3) Taylor          Seager         Skipper
 Sat 22nd Nov H L LIMESTONE RANGERS          W  3-0  N.Maddison     Newbold         Price          G.Maddison     Tavinder     Kent             R.Charles      Melson         Bailey(2)      Featherstone(1) Troff           Vaughan         Davilar        Lehar
 Sat 29th Nov A L Appleby Frodingham         L  0-1  N.Maddison     Newbold         G.Maddison     Kent           Price        Taylor           Tavinder       Melson         R.Charles      Bailey          Featherstone    Nicholls
 Sat 13th Dec A L Barton Town                D  2-2  N.Maddison     Skipper         G.Maddison     Seager         Newbold      Nicholls         Mason          Collingwood    Price(2)       Taylor          R.Charles
 Sat 27th Dec A L Ruston Sports              W  4-3  Bailey(2), Melson, G.Maddison
 Sat 10th Jan A L Grimsby Amateurs           D  1-1  N.Maddison     Tavinder        G.Maddison     Kent           Newbold      Vaughan          Taylor         Melson         R.Charles(1)   Bailey          Featherstone    Collingwood     Skipper
 Sat 17th Jan A L BRSA Retford               W  4-2  Watson         Skipper         G.Maddison     Kent           Price        Collingwood      Taylor         Melson(1)      R.Charles      Bailey(1)       Featherstone(2) Newbold         Tavinder       Seager
 Sat 24th Jan H L WYBERTON                   L  0-1  N.Maddison     Heaton          G.Maddison     Kent           Price        Tavinder         Melson         R.Charles      Bailey         Featherstone    Cavell          Collingwood
 Sat 31st Jan A L Bottesford Town            W  4-0  N.Maddison     R.Charles       Tavinder       Kent           G.Maddison   Price            Melson         Taylor         Nicholls       Bailey(3)       Featherstone(1) North           Collingwood    Seager
 Sat 14th Feb H L GRANTHAM RESERVES          L  1-3  N.Maddison     Southwell       Newbold        G.Maddison     Tavinder     Kent             R.Charles      Melson(1)      Bailey         Walters         North           Collingwood     Pell
 Sat 21st Feb H L NETTLEHAM RESERVES         D  0-0
 Sat 28th Feb A L Lincoln Moorlands          L  0-2  N.Maddison     Newbold         Kent           Hewson         Aiken        Price            Tavinder       Taylor         Collingwood    Bailey          Featherstone    Walters
 Sat  7th Mar A L Limestone Rangers          W  3-2  N.Maddison     Seager          Kent           Hewson         Price        Newbold          Tavinder       Spokes(1)      Walters        Taylor(1)       Bailey(1)       North
 Sat 14th Mar H L APPLEBY FRODINGHAM         W  4-1  N.Maddison     Seager          Price          Tavinder       Hewson       Kent             Walters        Taylor(1)      Bailey         Spokes(1)       Newbold         Melson(2)       Aiken          Collingwood
 Wed 18th Mar H L LOUTH UNITED AMATEURS      W  3-2  Bailey, Spokes, Watts
 Sat 21st Mar H L BARTON TOWN                L  1-2  N.Maddison     Newbold         G.Maddison     Kent           Seager       Spokes           Tavinder       Melson         Collingwood    Watts           Bailey(1)       Walters
 Sat 28th Mar A L Sleaford Town              L  1-2  Wright         Newbold         Kent           Seager         Price        Walters          Spokes         Tavinder       Collingwood    Bailey          Watts(1)        North
 Sat  4th Apr H L LINCOLN UNITED RESERVES    W  4-2  N.Maddison     Newbold(1)      Price          Tavinder(1)    Seager       Kent             Walters(1)     Collingwood    Southwell      D.Wright        Featherstone(1)
 Tue  7th Apr A L Nettleham Reserves
 Sat 25th Apr A L Grantham Town Reserves     D  1-1  N.Maddison     Southwell       Kent(1)        Seager         Newbold      Price            Taylor         Tavinder       Walters        Featherstone    Melbourn        Wright          North
 Wed 29th Apr H L GRIMSBY AMATEURS           L  0-3
 Sat  2nd May A L Louth United Amateurs      L  2-4  Melbourn, Walters
 Mon  4th May H L LINCOLN MOORLANDS          D  3-3  Featherstone(2), Walters

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C - Competition
  • L - Lincolnshire League
  • C - Lincolnshire League Cup
The United goalscorers are initially put after the result until I get the team sheet. Then the number of goals scored are put in ( ) next to the goalscorer's name.

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