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York City FC New Stadium
« on: July 12, 2021, 03:54:58 PM »
I've just been on a Stag Weekend in York, and one of our activities was some indoor karting at the York MotorSports Village. What should be right next door but the new ground for York City FC and York City Knights Rugby League Club.

I've not been to Boston for 17 months, so have not seen our new place since it was just a shell - but I have to say, compared to the videos etc of our new ground, York's new ground is another pretty soulless looking ground in an out-of-town shopping/leisure complex. It is in Huntington, about 3 miles from York city centre.

We had a walk around the outside of the stadium, and along one side it has a cinema & bowling alley built ('attached') onto it. With some shops and fast-food outlets, the complex does look smart and clean, but you do feel as if you are entering a shopping mall car park as you leave the main road and doesn't have any real 'feeling' of it being York City's home. One of the guys on the weekend said it reminded him of a university campus.

Even the signage is for 'York Stadium Leisure Complex' and the logos of the two clubs are 'lost' amongst the logos of all the other occupants of the complex on the directory and complex plan signs.
I'm sure the complex is great for the people of York to have - but what a contrast to Bootham Crescent. As old and decrepit it had become it was their York Street, and many of York's fans will probably find the new place very 'unfootball' like and akin to a neutral venue for a while. No one is going to have that feeling arriving at the Jakemans Community Stadium that's for sure.

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Re: York City FC New Stadium
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2021, 07:51:42 AM »
Well said, when you look around at the alternatives we're very lucky that DN and his team have given us the stadium they have, can't wait to finally get to a match there this summer. Could have been given a bland multi use stadium like York even though York's is bigger I wouldn't swap. Or they could have just built something that's adequate for National League North but not leagues above e.g. see what Gloucester have just re-built. Worth remembering that many clubs at our level have talked about building something like our new stadium to get all the benefits it gives to allow the club to financially self-sustaining but most don't get one built because it's a huge challenge to do. Even worse, if our new stadium hadn't been built, with York Street lease expired the alternative could have been many years of a ground share with Gainsborough or similar.

From the photos and videos it looks great, built to a high standard and they've made a real effort to give it plenty of BUFC character so it doesn't feel like another bland new build stadium.