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BUSA - Travel and Other Stuff
« on: June 14, 2021, 11:15:20 AM »
Update for those not in the Facebook group.

We are still here!  We had our first meeting in over a year recently and our first meeting without Glen at the helm and Pauline keeping us all on track.

Travel - We have all the relevant prices in for next season....but for obvious reasons, we are not going to commit to anything just yet.   Firstly, away fans may not be permitted, secondly, segregation on buses would leave us having to charge around £40 per seat to break even.  We always aim to run the buses to break even over the season. 

Membership  - We are rolling over the free membership for another year.  So those who joined in 19/20 or 20/21 will not have to pay anything for 21/22. 

Golden Goal - We will again be running the Golden Goal, it is something that fans enjoy and brings in funding to BUSA.  We're not sure where we will be selling them on match days yet but it will be somewhere inside or outside the ground to be confirmed

.....and finally.  The committee would always be very grateful for new members and volunteers  to help us run BUSA and various activities.