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Re: Alfreton away
« Reply #45 on: January 04, 2019, 10:03:49 AM »
The reason I think CN is probably our "level" right now is primarily due to the rent we allegedly pay on the ground. I have no more insight to our finances and those of other clubs than anyone else (and even if I did, I'm not really an accountant) but to cite Solihull Moors as an example of a club succeeding on "meagre resources" strikes me as potentially wrong for a few reasons:

- They have bigger crowds than us
- Solihull is a very affluent part of the UK (more inwards investment perhaps?)
- Better location next to the UK's second biggest city
- Likely more commercial revenue made from the ground
- Likely much lower rent
- Their ground is far less developed than ours, therefore much lower maintenance costs

York Street is expensive to maintain and costs a fortune in rent. We are as it stands only the 35th best-supported non-league club in the country. We still have a reputation as being one of the bigger non-league clubs in the country, but this is by reputation only. I don't disagree we should be ambitious and aim high, and I think when we're a successful club again we can easily bounce our way into the top ten best-supported clubs, but I also think a hefty dose of realism as to where we are right now will help everyone appreciate what it is going to take to climb back to the top.

Agree re: current expense concerning York Street v Solihuls ground expenditure. Also Agree that their catchment area is more lucrative than ours.

As regards Ambition & forward thinking I disagree with the rest.

Check out Solihuls attendances for the season they got promoted from the CN & the previous seasons; you will see a Club whose home gates were regularly below 400 !

Yes this season against the top clubs in the Conference they are getting over 1,000. To say they are a better supported club than us (based on current gates) is wrong. We average over 1000 in the CN; they averaged under 400 in the CN. If we were to make it to the League above; of course our home gates would would increase markedly.

My debating point here is simply this: I totally disagree that the CN is our level. I am positive the Chestnuts & the gaffer would love to take us into the New Stadium (The Young Chubby Arena) as a National League Club.

I didn't say they were better supported than us. If we were at the same level as them, no matter what level that would be, we would get more fans. That's not the point - the point is that Solihull are actually probably in a better place than we are when you take everything into consideration as things stand today. And while I accept that's not a palatable thing to accept, it's worth pointing out too that I am not saying that CN is our level forever: I'm saying that given our current circumstances that it's probably our level *for now*. Things could very quickly change on that front, but we maybe just need a bit of extra patience. Sure, we could sneak into the playoffs and maybe go up this season, and if that happens I'll ecstatic. But I think we'd struggle a league above and we could easily become relegation fodder because I simply don't think David Newton could  - or should even be expected to - bankroll us. This club needs to stand on its own two feet, and if we can't in CN then we certainly won't a league higher.

With the new ground, however, I'd want us in the Conference as a bare minimum and ultimately aiming to regain our place in the FL. Burton should be our inspiration. If they did it, we can too.

Champs next year

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Re: Alfreton away
« Reply #46 on: January 05, 2019, 07:01:19 AM »
Well another Saturday & another game I won't get 2 (alty). It's frustrating following us from the frozen north, but I keep the faith. Really hope we can get 3 valuable points today, scrappy will do!

Frustration is the vibe at the mo; especially on here & it's completely understandable. After the superb rescuing form from Jan to end of last season, expectations were high this season. Ok so far it's been inconsistency personified (especially at home). However as many have posted we are still in the Play off mix, so it's still all to play for.

The said frustration brings all sorts of emotional reactions on patter! We are all capable of over exuberant/passive aggressive posts at such times.

I value everyone who participates on here. We all bring something slightly different to the party! I say this as a poster who rightly served a recent suspension on Patter & accept that ban has placed me in danger of relegation from the prediction league lol.

We need to stick together as Supporters. We all post statements/responses we think less of later, all of us. In saying that, nearly everybody has the b***s to come back on & admit that. There's a couple of very loyal supporters one of whom has given his lot for BUFC home & always away, who's away reports would be dearly missed by so many on here; so I hope he & others who's valuable support & regular posts continue to add to the debate & richness of our Forum.