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Whitby Game
« on: September 20, 2009, 11:31:48 AM »
Read all the other threads, thought I'd put my 10 pence worth in.
1) Lack of passion? I didnt see any players backing out of tackles or strolling about with their hands on their hips.
2) IF Newey had scored (and yes he prob should have done) there would have been no boos.
3) the booing at the end was embarrassing. Yes it was disappointing not to win but will booing help us in the next game?
4) Questioning the managers? Did ANY of the toss pots who shout offensive/non constructive remarks apply for the job? If not why not? If they know the game so well.
5) the heat must have played part in spoiling/slowing the game down (sorry if that looks like an excuse)

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Re: Whitby Game
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2009, 07:03:44 PM »
Good points made there agree. There is a tosser near me who was all but calling for Scott's head!!!! He is a regular moaner and always has the knife in for some poor sod. Last week it was Suarez when he first came on but funnily enough after the first goal we never heard a dickie bird from him for the rest of the game!!
That is the most annoying thing about the wingers there is no balance!!?? Fair enough moan if it isn't going well! but then at least acknowledge and applaud when it is.(Rant over) >:(