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Re: One for Ken....Compare their records.
« Reply #15 on: December 06, 2012, 02:19:05 PM »
We've never really addressed the loss of Wilson who looked quality and we're over reliant on youth in the centre of defence.

Completely agree.  No matter what motivation, training etc our defenders get, they are inexperienced at this level and will make mistakes.  The best fix for that is an experienced head and (sorry MNH) that will cost money. 

Presumably sacking our manager will cost money in notice or compensation?  Same for the assistant, assuming he goes too?

New manager needs to be someone who can operate on a shoestring and get the best out of players we can afford.   As we aren't going to get someone like Kittrick with a track record at our level, I'd prefer someone moving up from a lower division who can maybe bring some decent players with them (a la Scott & Hurst)

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