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Re: Luis Suarez
« Reply #15 on: February 13, 2012, 06:40:50 AM »
And John Terry shook no hand ...... oh yes a change of custom for him.

And Rio refused Suarez's hand

A few people need to grow up.

Oh and Fergie how could I forget. Quick with the advise for others, but I seem to remember a Mr Cantona
who Fergie 'protected'.....

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Re: Luis Suarez
« Reply #16 on: February 13, 2012, 08:18:34 AM »
A simple solution was for the 2 managers to insist that both sets of players toed the line, or, the FA cancelled the handshake as they did for their pet JT.

I guess the only problem with a sensible solution was that their would be nothing for Sky etc to get excited about.

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Re: Luis Suarez
« Reply #17 on: February 13, 2012, 09:22:09 AM »
Thing is both clubs did instruct them all the shake hands.  Suarez then changed his mind at the last minute and caused mayhem.

To be fair Man Utd banned Cantona the next day and did not wait for the FA to charge him.  Nor did they mount a frankly comical defence in which the story changed four times and the line was 'cultural misunderstanding'.

He is a racist and I'm shocked and disappointed that so many people have not been able to see past club loyalty and accept the facts.  Or at the very least apologise for any offence caused - until being told to by the paymasters.

The only good thing out of the entire situation is that it has raised the profile again of Kick It Out and hopefully will have got through to a few more people, especially kids who didn't witness Bananas being thrown on pitches and monkey noises etc.

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Re: Luis Suarez
« Reply #18 on: February 13, 2012, 10:21:54 PM »
Listened to John Barnes yesterday with regards the hand shake at the start of the game for sportsmanship, must agree with him that it is more sportsman like to shake hands after the game win, lose or draw than at the start of the game.

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Re: Luis Suarez
« Reply #19 on: February 14, 2012, 12:34:05 PM »
I couldn't agree more Adam.

Petty tribalism between Liverpool and united has fueled this but the benefit is raising the profile of the Kick it out campaign. Racism will never be totally eradicated whilst their are idiots who breathe the air but education that it is never acceptable is progress

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Re: Luis Suarez
« Reply #20 on: February 20, 2012, 12:59:04 PM »
I've waited before posting anything on here, because I thought I might feel different about it after a few days' reflection, but I don't

Yes, Suarez shouldn't have told his club he would shake hands if he had no intention of doing so, BUT for me the main villain in that match was Evra.

1. Look at his reaction to the 'snub' - unlike Terry when Bridge refused to shake his hand, Evra didn't just accept it, but had to make a big fuss - his reaction was all geared towards the TV camera - he grabbed Suarez's arm and gestured to the camera that was following the players down the line.  That tells you his sole concern was to draw attention to the incident and ensure Suarez got into trouble.  If they had just ignored each other and got on with it (like Terry and Bridge, or like Suarez and Ferdinand for that matter), the whole atmosphere would have been much less toxic.  Evra's actions smacked of "look, look, I was being good and doing what I was supposed to and the nasty man ruined it all - it's all his fault, look, look" (or "mum, mum, look what a good boy I've been and he's been naughty") - coming from someone who led the French players revolt at the World Cup and has been caught lying about an alleged racial incident in the past, it was pretty distasteful

2. That tackle in the first few seconds when Evra took out Ferdinand - if Ferdinand had not been in the way he would have gone right through Suarez, as Evra was clearly wound up (cynically, you could say Suarez's snub worked in that it wound Evra up to the point where he was concentrating more on Suarez than on playing his proper role in the team).  There was clear intent to injure an opponent - surely needed a yellow card, if not red?

3. Evra's reaction at the end - walking right in front of Suarez with his ridiculously OTT celebrations, obviously trying to get a reaction from Suarez.  Well done to Suarez for not reacting, and well done to the referee for intervening - officials too often run for the dressing rooms after the final whistle and don't bother to sort out any 'afters'.   None of the other United players were joining in with the arm-waving celebrations until the ref came over to speak to Evra - then I noticed in the background that one other Utd player (couldn't see who) started making the same gestures, presumably to try and deflect attention from Evra - not big or clever.  You've won the game, show a bit of dignity - all the dignity at the end came from Suarez!

None of the coverage I have seen criticises Evra other than his 'celebrations', and I've not seen anyone praise Suarez for not reacting to this.

I have no strong feelings for or against Liverpool or Man U - I'll support them in Europe but otherwise generally want the underdog to win so will usually support their opponent in domestic games.  But I thought Sky's coverage of the game was shamelessly United-biased - with Red Nev in the studio you wouldn't expect otherwise, but even Jamie Redknapp seemed reluctant to criticise Evra's actions at the end.

Ferguson's comments capped it off - how would he have reacted if an opponent's manager had told him Cantona should never play for the club again after his kung-fu kick, or Keane after his tackle on Haaland?  He would have been off the Dulux colour chart!


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Re: Luis Suarez
« Reply #21 on: February 20, 2012, 04:46:33 PM »
Well done BP, what a good and considered post, and I must say, from an impartial fan on this subject, I think you have put some good points forward.   I personally think that all managers should think back to similar incidents involving their current or past players before they speak to the press.