Author Topic: Altrincham, Histon and Southport have been put in the Conference North  (Read 2805 times)

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According to the FA website.  Interesting that Ilkeston have made the Evo Stick 1 (south)Club allocations for Steps 1-4 released
Friday, 20 May, 2011

National League System Club Allocations for 2011-12 are released.

 The FA has released The FA National League System Steps 1 to 4 allocations for season 2011-12.

Click here to download the full allocations document

Three of the four clubs relegated from Conference National have been allocated to Conference North, these being Altringham, Histon and Southport, while Eastbourne Borough return to Conference South.

Burscough FC were reprieved from relegation at Step 3 and retain their place in the Northern Premier League. The resignations of both Glapwell and Retford United from the Northern Premier League at Step 4 led to both Beaconsfield SYCOB and Waltham Forest being reprieved from the drop to Step 5, joining Chatham whom had earned an earlier reprieve due to a vacancy at Step 4.

Ilkeston FC, the new club taking the place of the now defunct Ilkeston Town FC, have been placed at Step 4 in the Northern Premier League Division 1 South. Their places in the NPL will be taken by Bedworth United and Rugby Town who both move from the Southern League Central Division.

I thought Southport would win an AGM cup reprieve due to Rushden's troubles, but it seems not.

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Looking at the geographies of Conference North clubs against Conference South clubs, I don't think there's too much to argue about. You can make a case about Gloucester being a southern club, but there isn't anyone in the Conference South league you could really swap with. Lower down though, it is a different picture...

The two clubs promoted from the Unibond League South last season were Barwell (as Champions) and Rushall Olympic (via the play-offs). There isn't too much in it, but Barwell has to be further north than Rushall Olympic.

How come Rushall get promoted into the Northern Premier League, therefore, and Barwell into the Southern Premier? Wouldn't they have been better off placed the other way around?

And just what exactly has gone on at Leigh Genesis? Relegated to Step 5 because of ground grading issues! And I thought they'd recently moved into a purpose built brand new stadium.

chris b

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Looking at Google Maps I reckon Barwell is (just) further south than Rushall.
Leigh have been groundsharing with one of the Atherton teams - so I guess its that ground that doesn't meet the standard.

It will all change when the Conference kicks out someone at the AGM. (I believe Rushden are the current odds on favourites)

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A few more random observations ...

(1) Looking at the document again (see link below), it does say "PROPOSED" club allocations in the title.

Does this mean that clubs could still appeal against where they have been placed? And will there be a "CONFIRMED" document to follow at a later date?

(2) I wonder why the FA released the document prior to the Luton vs AFC Wimbledon play-off final being resolved?

(3) Interesting to see two Enfield clubs - Enfield Town and Enfield 1893 - now competing in the same league. Think there was a mass fall out that resulted in a second club being formed. At one time Enfield were on a par with the likes of Barnet at the upper end of the Conference ... just makes you wonder if they could have still been there if they hadn't fallen out amongst themselves and kept things together.

(4) Maidstone United relegated back to the Isthmian League Division One South. They climbed into the Football League but virtually had to start again when they lost their ground and the finances disappeared. I thought they were on their way back up though?

(5) Crawley Down have been promoted into the Isthmian League Division One South. At least the locals will have a second team they can support - if the money runs dry mid-season at the more senior club in the area.

(6) Lowestoft being placed in the Isthmian League Premier Division is a bit strange, though I know they've been there for a couple of seasons. Why have a coastal club travelling in and around London every other week, whilst at the same time having teams like Hitchin and Bedford in the Southern League Premier? The same point could apply to Bury Town.

(7) Ossett Albion relegated from the Northern Premier Division One North, but replaced in that division by Ossett Town. How many away supporters will be turning up at the wrong ground next season?


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Where have York disappeared to?


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1)They are proposed as each league has to confirm membership at their AGM. It's no good confirming things now, only to change them...
2)Whoever went up, it wouldn't change any geographical leagues
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