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BUFC 0-2 Lincoln ATT 623
Pilgrims 1 Imps 1
Attendance 666
BUFC 1 - 3 Lincoln

Lincoln City 2-3 Boston United (666)
The B-Ark / Re: Brackley
« Last post by Dave H on December 04, 2023, 10:27:01 PM »
If you were chairman, what would you do differently to David Newton then Andy?

Remember, you're not allowed to spend money we don't have, as that's what left us in the shit the first time around.

For me the biggest revelation at the Forum  was Chestnut Homes had written off £1.5 million in the previous year. Imagine if we had thrown cash about like Ferriby or Fylde , this figure would be another Evans disaster class.
Not many businesses or individuals who support  the club could or would do this.
As custodians of the club I feel David And Neil have put things in place for success but escaping NLN unfortunately hasn't happened. . As mentioned the 2 play off finals were a game too far and the team looked pretty decent that began he cancelled covid season. I'm greatful they haven't  played financial roulette. It's not just about the first team but community investment. Plenty of people of all ages are now involved with the club.
With 3 to 5 million still needed for the South Stand we are still going to need someone with deep pockets.
Best get a Euromillions ticket or two bought.
The B-Ark / Re: Grounds visited
« Last post by Dave H on December 04, 2023, 10:01:36 PM »
Have visited 103 different grounds following the Pilgrims and 168 in total
Boston 1 Lincoln 0

att 781
The B-Ark / Re: Grounds visited
« Last post by chris b on December 04, 2023, 09:25:24 PM »
Currently on 204. Hoping for South Shields and/or Warrington this season and still got a few more in Notts to tick off.
United 1-2 Lincoln. att 674
Boston 1 Lincoln 3 Attd: 732
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