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The B-Ark / BUSA travel
« on: August 04, 2021, 11:34:48 PM »
Hi I have a few details for you all😊about upcoming travel.
We have coaches booked for:-
Fylde Saturday 21st August Leaving the New Stadium at 09.45
Prices Members £25 Juniors £14 Non- members £30

Bradford P.A. Monday August 30th Leaving the New Stadium at 10.45
Prices Members £20 Juniors £14 Non- members £25

We will be also offering in town pick- up at the Len Medlock coach park approximately 10 minutes after the stadium so for Fylde 09.55 and Bradford 10.55.
I will be in Ellender’s pre and post match home games to take bookings for the forthcoming games and as at York Street you can book at the Club office during the week. We are looking into online booking and acquiring card readers to enable us to ‘cut down’ on cash and to enable you to make booking payments on the coaches but this in unlikely to be in place in time for these initial trips.
Again as at York St you will be allowed to park without charge and we will be using the Coach and car parking area at the rear of the Stadium.
Covid 19 is still with us and whilst figures are beginning to look encouraging it is still somewhat a time of anxiety for some people, so whilst as we know it is not mandatory to wear masks anymore it would be appreciated by us and Sleafordian if people wear masks for alighting and leaving the coach and we will be asking you to use hand sanitizer on alighting.
Finally you will not need to renew your BUSA membership this season it will remain valid until August’22. If you lost/mislaid thrown it away😮 as long as you’re on our ‘database’ we will replace it for you🙂.

See you soon Jan. BUSA

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