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This story has been attracting a fair amount of coverage up here, and 'disgust' towards AFC Fylde shown by fans of local NLN clubs Chester, Chorley and Southport.

One comment yesterday from a Chester season-ticket holder:-

"AFC Fylde have just issued a club statement where they ‘’stand by’’ the predator that is James Rowe.
A Boston United win on Sunday would be a victory for football - AFC Fylde are an absolute cancer to the so-called beautiful game and should be thrown out of the National League system back to village football from where they crawled out of."


See pictures of some of the damage done to York City's new stadium during/after the play-off eliminator match v. Chorley on Wednesday night.

In response, Brackley Town have withdrawn 1,400 tickets initially allocated to York City supporters for the Play-Off semi-final due to 'perceived additional security costs'.

I read elsewhere that the remaining 600 tickets sold out within 10 minutes of going on sale.

Many York supporters who failed to get tickets now having a go at Brackley - rather than their fellow 'fans' whose actions led to Brackley making the decision to reduce their ticket allocation.

The B-Ark / AFC Fylde Tickets and Car Parking
« on: May 13, 2022, 10:59:25 AM »
I've just booked my ticket - and bought one in a more centrally located block of the Main Stand than the block allocated to away fans.

I sat in a similarly positioned seat last August on the opening day of the season and, if you avoid the actual central block (Block D), the seats are the same price.

The Main Stand holds 2,000 - and there are still over 1,000 seats available. So, if our dedicated block is full - or you fancy a more central view  - then you've a good few seats to choose from.

I was also informed that the Car Park known as the 'Overflow Car Park' is free on a first-come-first served basis. The 'main car park', I was told is for club officials etc only.

The B-Ark / F.A. Youth Cup Final
« on: May 11, 2022, 11:37:51 PM »

Been to Old Trafford tonight to see the F.A. Youth Cup Final between Manchester United and Nottingham Forest.

It was a record crowd for a F.A. Youth Cup match of 67,492, with about 6,000 from Nottingham.

A very enjoyable match with United winning 3-1. No VAR tonight which might have overruled the penalty award that resulted in United going 2-1 up.

Some very talented players on both sides, and some big strong lads amongst them for their age.

Having recently been to see Manchester City 23s beat Everton 23s 7-0 at the Etihad, it'll be interesting to see how many of all these youngsters make the big time - and if any might pull on a Pilgrims shirt 10 years or so hence!!

« on: May 11, 2022, 01:12:19 PM »
According to our local North West news, Chester are about to announce their new manager very shortly after interviewing 'three high calibre' candidates.

They are also moving to daytime training next season:-

The B-Ark / Altrincham FC
« on: May 04, 2022, 12:58:06 AM »
Alty have been one of the few part-time teams in the top division of the National League.
Yesterday, though, they announced that they are turning fulltime professional next season for the first time in their 131 year history.

The B-Ark / Steve Watson leaves York City
« on: November 13, 2021, 10:16:32 PM »

Comment by an Alfreton Town fan on the NLN forum asking if Craig Elliott will be next to go.

The B-Ark / Southport FC
« on: November 09, 2021, 03:02:02 PM »
Well, call me daft, stupid or idiotic after last Saturday - but I've bought my match ticket for Southport. Lol!! £3 cheaper than Chester too.
The train journey this week is direct, so hopefully, a much smoother return trip for me than the one I wrote about on the Chester FC topic.

The B-Ark / Chester FC
« on: November 06, 2021, 06:46:15 PM »
What a truly awful day this has been.
My train journey to Chester from Kearsley was delayed and then terminated at Warringron. Had to hang about there for another train to Chester.
Now my return train has been cancelled and having to take a convoluted route home.
And in-between had to witness a performance like that. Even before the sendings off we had made Chester look good and mustered very little in the first half. But for a succession of saves by Peter Crook we could have been 0-4 down at half-time.
The less said about the second half the better. A much better side than Chester would have probably scored 6 or 7 after we had gone down to 9 players.
Must say well done though to Keenan Ferguson for his cameo when he was brought on. Gave the Chester defence more work to do in the last 10 mins on his own than the whole team had done in the first 80!!
Despite everything today no doubt I'll be at Southport next Saturday!!

The B-Ark / To Replay Or Not to Replay?
« on: September 08, 2021, 03:48:14 PM »
We all remember, of course, last season’s game at Darlington being abandoned after 87 mins or so with United just having gone 2-0 up, and Darlo about to go down to 10 men? The game was ordered to be replayed.

I’m not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere, but the FA Cup draw this week just reminded me that I was going to post about a FA Cup match played not too far away from me a couple of weeks ago in Mossley. It was abandoned after 89 minutes with Mossley having just gone 2-0 up.

The visiting supporters (of a team from the Liverpool area) had been goading the Mossley keeper throughout the match, and he obviously ‘lost it’ after their reaction to their team going 2-0 down. The Mossley keeper went into the crowd to confront the visiting supporters, followed by several of his teammates and a brawl apparently ensued. After some time, the referee abandoned the game.

So, what was the decision? A replay ordered?

No – the score at the time of the abandonment stood as the result!!

Yes, different competitions I know, but I just found it rather galling to see different decisions being made for abandonment of a match at virtually the same time, and the score exactly the same!!

The B-Ark / AFC Fylde (a)
« on: August 21, 2021, 07:25:39 PM »
Today was my first game since Curzon Ashton (a) in March 2020 and how good to be back watching BUFC again!!

Whilst not really looking like winning the game too many times today, I don't think we would have lost either without the penalty award - so I drove the 35 miles home feeling disappointed not to come away with a point.

There were some changes to the starting line-up from last week, and some tinkering to be done after losing Tootle through injury late in the first half, but not having seen the Spennymoor game I can't compare the two performances. Looking at today, though, and the fact that we were away at the joint-favourites, I don't think any panic button should be pressed yet. Sure, Fylde had plenty of the ball and were pretty to watch at times, but there was no constant bombardment on our goal. They did seem to find space fairly easily out wide, but they weren't able to deliver any real pinpoint crosses.

Going forward we did have our moments without giving their keeper too much to do until he was called upon to make three very good second-half saves. Indeed, that very late on-the-ground save from Jordan Burrow's header was an excellent save. He did, though, have the fortune to see the ball then fall to a defender, whereas Peter Crook had no such luck after his excellent penalty save as the ball rebounded back to the Fylde penalty taker.

Not sure as to the size of gates they are expecting this season, but the announcer described today's attendance as a 'fantastic' 1,166. Didn't hear a separate figure for the BUFC following, but I suppose there were 80 - 85 behind the goal. Didn't see how many were in the designed block of the main stand for away fans, but there were a few of us sat in a block much closer to the halfway line (sat there to get a better view for our £18.00!!)

Now looking forward to coming to my first home game next Saturday since the 1-0 win v. AFC Telford in that last-ever Saturday home match at York Street with a crowd in attendance in February 2020.

The B-Ark / York City FC New Stadium
« on: July 12, 2021, 03:54:58 PM »
I've just been on a Stag Weekend in York, and one of our activities was some indoor karting at the York MotorSports Village. What should be right next door but the new ground for York City FC and York City Knights Rugby League Club.

I've not been to Boston for 17 months, so have not seen our new place since it was just a shell - but I have to say, compared to the videos etc of our new ground, York's new ground is another pretty soulless looking ground in an out-of-town shopping/leisure complex. It is in Huntington, about 3 miles from York city centre.

We had a walk around the outside of the stadium, and along one side it has a cinema & bowling alley built ('attached') onto it. With some shops and fast-food outlets, the complex does look smart and clean, but you do feel as if you are entering a shopping mall car park as you leave the main road and doesn't have any real 'feeling' of it being York City's home. One of the guys on the weekend said it reminded him of a university campus.

Even the signage is for 'York Stadium Leisure Complex' and the logos of the two clubs are 'lost' amongst the logos of all the other occupants of the complex on the directory and complex plan signs.
I'm sure the complex is great for the people of York to have - but what a contrast to Bootham Crescent. As old and decrepit it had become it was their York Street, and many of York's fans will probably find the new place very 'unfootball' like and akin to a neutral venue for a while. No one is going to have that feeling arriving at the Jakemans Community Stadium that's for sure.

The B-Ark / James Dean RIP
« on: May 10, 2021, 11:51:13 PM »

Very sad indeed. He played for Chorley v. BUFC in the Play-Off semi-final when they scored 'that goal'.

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