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The B-Ark / Re: Oh dear
« on: September 23, 2018, 01:29:45 PM »
I tend to come on to the forum and have a look at the various comments made by fans on players, the manager, the team, the tactics etc, but never post.
This is my first post so I’ll get my tin hat on now as no doubt some fans will disagree with my perspective, however I accept that, as it is all about opinions on how we as individuals see things.
When CE was unveiled as the manager I have to be honest and say he was not whom I would have appointed, but we had to trust the chairman and the board in appointing him, and having looked at his track record, I thought give him time to settle in, build his own team and see how things progress.
For me the team has not developed or improved since he took over, his signings and team selection are erratic, players are played out of position and where players under perform rather than working with them and understanding why or what the cause is, he shows them the door. I do wonder how you get a team to gel or foster team spirit when there is such a rotation of players in and out of the club.
I also believe CE is a manager who does not know his best team, the formation to play them in, how to change a game when things aren't working, tactics to use and how to motivate. We might have good spells but we have no consistency and that is what is required to win a title or at least get us into the play offs. For me sadly we will never win this league with him in charge because of the aforementioned. A lot of fans keep believing he has the ability to turn around, do fans not realise the fact, it’s his team selection/tactics that are causing the inconsistency in the first place?

Football managers/coaches at this level have to have several key things to succeed, tactical awareness, the ability to change things during a game and good man management skills. I think he lacks those skills, the latter opinion comes from a few things I have heard from former players, as well as just general observations during a game along with his responses after some games. It's a pity, but he just doesn't inspire me and I cannot go on accepting his usual post match comments of players not good enough etc; he brought them to the club, coach them, manage them, analyse the issues, resolve issues don’t just show them the door. 
Finally I believe the manager has run his course at Bufc, the inconsistency, the standard of football, continual movement of players in and out is simply not acceptable. He’s been here long enough and my patience is wearing thin as I don’t see progress. I honestly can’t see CE taking us any further and he needs to be replaced. We need a new management team with fresh ideas.

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