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Title: Today's match
Post by: Dipdodah on August 14, 2021, 05:53:19 PM
Not the result we wanted, but thought Spennymoor were the better team on the day. Not sure about their penalty, but someone nearer than me could have a better view. Also thought their second was offside when he received the ball. Again not in a great position to see. I think we have to rethink our formation,  thought we played too narrow. Anyway only the first game, onwards and upwards.
Title: Re: Today's match
Post by: lonegunman on August 14, 2021, 06:03:50 PM
I was sat in the West stand I thought it looked offside too.
First half was poor, second half was better but we didn't play until they scored.
But overall, I'd have to say on the day the best team won.
Excellent attendance, but to keep it like that we need to be winning. 🙂
Title: Re: Today's match
Post by: Batistuta on August 14, 2021, 07:39:07 PM
I'd have to agree and say the better team won and they deserved it too.

What stands out to me are the fact we spend 90% of the warm up playing nice passing football then revert to the long ball as soon as we kick off and when we come up against a good pair of central defenders we get no joy and still keep doing it when we look good when we play football!

Also in the post match interview when Elliott mentioned he could "smell it" coming. I'm sorry but it doesn't take a genius to see it after pre season where we played one good game against Lincoln City B bad the rest of the games struggled to create/score goals and today seemed to follow the patterns of Notts County and Grimsby.

It's only game one so I'm hopeful it's going to turn around but it is concerning that our pre season form could be following us into the season.
Title: Re: Today's match
Post by: Old boy thin on August 14, 2021, 08:22:44 PM
Hello peeps been a while .
Craig got it wrong and it was very disappointing.
We were so tactically poor that we made Abbott look like a good player.
Let's just play a very talented and experienced Right back out of position (Tootle).
We had Leesley who can play at left back, but know let's play a youngster instead.
Then Andi Thanoj has had very little pre season, so guess what let's play him from the start, and he was totally of the pace.
We had Green on the bench, and Hawkridge.
Let's go long ball against the land of giants.
Has he totally lost his mind, sorry it's the truth, he has one of best squads, best supporters, best chairman and definitely the best stadium and facilities.
Shape up or ship out, that's the message he should be given from the chairman, it's not early day's, he has been tactically inept from day one, relies to much on experienced players to do his thinking for him.
If we are not in the top 3 of this league after 10 games, he should be dispatched and consigned to the history books.
Title: Re: Today's match
Post by: Dipdodah on August 14, 2021, 09:43:55 PM
A bit harsh mate. I agree we didn't deserve to win the game. I agree we relied on the long ball. But even being second best, we were beaten by two iffy goals. The ref did us no favours. Time added on was a joke.  First game of the season and a long way to go.
Title: Re: Today's match
Post by: Lee Newell on August 14, 2021, 09:59:00 PM
Spennymoor are a good side and on that performance will probably be in playoffs at end of season.

Their 352 formation gave them the extra midfielder with them having the better of the midfield play. Thanoj didn't get to pull the strings in midfield like he can when at his best, possibly wasn't fully fit.

Ferguson at times looked great very athletic and good on the ball. I think that was his first league game in first team football after playing academy football. One that I think will improve a lot with more games. Got caught out for the winning goal pushed forward into their half and spennymoor took advantage with the gap down our right.

Tootle adapted to playing on the left well a reliable player one of the best players we have. Shocking decision from ref to book him for diving he clearly didn't.

First time visiting new stadium really impressed with everything. David Newton and co what a fantastic stadium they have given us.
Title: Re: Today's match
Post by: brummie exile 1960 on August 14, 2021, 10:08:15 PM
Greetings fellow Pilgrims. I wasn't there today, I was on the Twitter feed. The overall feedback was Spennymoor were on top.In fact. with 10 minutes left, the feed said Spennymoor had the game "in the palm of their hands". Craig had a bad day today. We all have 'em. Come back next game and put things right. I've hired a motor for the Telford game and 'er indoors insists on coming to back the lads. It's time to put my faith in the Almighty.

Title: Re: Today's match
Post by: Uncertain Corridor on August 14, 2021, 10:13:26 PM
A fantastic stadium and very thankful during my 50th year as a supporter. I really felt for the staff behind the bar and food outlet though. Understaffed, undertrained and overwhelmed. 45 minutes to get a beer and a burger. They were queuing out the door after the game with only 1 then 2 staff serving. I know it will get better but don’t want those customers going elsewhere. They need direction was my view…