Boston United FC Customer Charter


1.1. Boston United Football Club is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and elimination of discrimination on grounds of disability, sexual orientation, marital status, ethnic origin, colour or religion and to the principle that all employees should be free from harassment and discrimination.

1.2. The Club requires all of its staff to deal with its customers, stakeholders, employees, and other clubs, companies and organisations with whom it conducts its business, in an open and honest manner and to act with integrity at all times.


2.1. The Club consults customers on a regular basis through forums, questionnaires and formal meetings with the Official Supporters Association.

2.2. The Club publicises its position on major issues in annual financial statements, the Club programme and media releases.

2.3. The Club gives the earliest possible notice to changes of policy and the reasons for such changes.

2.4. The Club will undertake research on the design and number of new strips.

2.5. The Club will continue to develop ways to consult with their customers, stakeholders and all other interested parties.


3.1. The Club continues to strive for wider access to matches by offering the broadest possible range of ticket prices.

3.2. The Club ensures that at least 5% of tickets for each game are made available to non season ticket holders.

3.3. The Club offers concessionary prices to Junior customers (under 16 years of age) and Senior Citizens (men and women over 65 years of age).

3.4. The Club provides support for disabled customers and their carers with improved facilities at the Finn Forest Stand and dedicated disabled toilet facilities. John Blackwell, Club Secretary, can be contacted for further details of facilities and ticket allocations.

3.5. The Club gives discounts on season ticket prices to Shareholders and for notified periods of early purchase for all customers.

3.6. The Club allocates tickets for away matches on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

3.7. Tickets for home games in cup competitions are priced according to the status of the opposition and are available first to season ticket holders. Should their normal seats be in an area designated, for the particular game, for visiting supporters then a seat of similar location will be offered.

3.8. Refunds will be considered only if tickets are returned to the Club Offices not later than 24 hours before kick off.

3.9. The Club offers free or reduced admission to replays of abandoned games. If a match is abandoned after spectators are admitted to the ground but before kick- off customers are entitled to free admission to the rearranged match. If a match is abandoned after kick-off, customers are entitled to half price admission to the rearranged match.

3.10. The Club will develop a scheme to enable customers to pay for season tickets by instalments at a reasonable rate of interest.

3.11. The Club will dedicate a specific area of the ground for the exclusive use of families and develop an appropriate pricing structure of an advantageous nature.


4.1. The Club does not charge admission prices to supporters of any visiting club which are higher than those charged to our own customers for comparable accommodation. In particular the concessionary rates offered to senior citizens and junior customers similarly apply to supporters of all visiting clubs.

4.2. The Club abides by the Football League Regulations governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs.


5.1. All replica strip designs will have a minimum lifespan of two seasons

5.2. The Club offers refunds on merchandise in accordance with its legal obligations.

5.3. The Club undertakes its obligations under Football League Regulations to prevent price fixing in relation to the sale of replica strip.

5.4. Details of the next intended change of strip are available from the Club Shop or the Club Secretary.

5.5. The Club will provide swing tickets on replica strip which state the strip launch date for all future changes of strip.


6.1. The Club acknowledges its commitment to the community and actively participates in the following areas:

6.2. The Club will identify and develop appropriate projects in association with Football in the Community.


7.1. The Club responds to any contact from a customer within a maximum of 14 days.

7.2. The Club responds by telephone, e-mail, fax or letter, if a customer so requests.

7.3. The Club encourages customers to contact the department appropriate to their query. These are as follows:

The appropriate person can be contacted, in the first instance, by telephoning the Club Offices on 01205-364406 between the hours of 9AM and 5-30PM on Mondays to Fridays inclusive.

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